Potent new line sales
Potent cylinders sales

European profile CYLINDERS for security locks. Available in different versions with more security levels in order to satisfy every demand of the market. From basic use in construction to the highest level for maximum security, with patented key profile and SKG European certification. The lock security always pass through the cylinder.

The PADLOCKS is the first mobile security level et removable. Potent padlocks brand with over twenty years experience in this field, offers different models and versions suitable for all requests. Brass padlocks with hardened shackle, Brass padlocks with cutting and anti-drill body, Bell padlocks for rolling shutters, Solid steel padlocks, Stainless steel padlocks and various locking systems.


Locks are the core business of Potent brand. With over 50 years activity and experience in production, today we can offer various models of LOCKS ARMORED DOORS with cylinders and anti-extraction system, double bitted locks with key changeable system, SURFACE MOUNT LOCK for wooden doors, available with lateral system, 3 point locking and 5 point locking system “ H” and LOCKS FOR ROLLING SHUTTER with central version, side version , vertical system , with cylinder or double bitted system.


SAFES LINE Potent available in key model, key and mechanical combinator , digital version for private and hotel usage. Potent brand produces also various model of LOCK FOR SAFES.